The future is bright!

Congratulations to Vladimir Marinov on his first day as a guest lecturer at Imperial College London. His appointment has been formalised after having taught for a number of years on the evening Parametric Engineering Course as well as acting as an industrial supervisor for Master students during their MSc and MEng dissertations. This year Vladimir will be helping build and teach a new module at the Civil and Environmental Engineering department as part of the first-year syllabus. Together with Dr. Andrew Phillips and fellow guest lecturer Fernando Madrazo Aguirre they will be looking into developing the fundamental design skills required in the engineering profession today. Through a series of lectures and workshops the module will aim at teaching hands-on and digital tools for early stage design. The hands-on workshops lead by Fernando have been inspired by the Japanese traditional craft of Kirigami paper-folding and free-hand sketching. Vladimir will then follow on to introduce the concepts of computational design as a powerful tool in the modern engineering office. Throughout the course students will be producing several physical and digital models as part of their final assignment.


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