Welcome a new team member!

Having the right team players who share the company philosophy and passion is a huge part of Define’s ethos. And it is vital to succeeding in what we do.

We are excited to welcome Rafailia as the newest member joining our team. Rafailia is a structural engineer with a strong background in finite element analysis. So far, she has been gaining experience not only in structural design involving concrete, steel and timber but also in detailed computational dynamic analysis of meta-materials and composites. Rafailia is keen on deep mathematical and theoretical approach for solving each problem before setting up the analysis principles. During her studies in both Politecnico di Milano and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, she had piled up a substantial undestanding in dynamic analysiss acquired through series of courses in earthquake resistant design. Rafailia feels extremely comfortable applying and promoting advanced linear and non-linear FEM analysis in structural and composite materials problems with complex geometry and using programming to increase the automation and efficiency.

Rafa’s passion for progress through quality engineering is infectious and will quickly transform into serious input to our projects. We are thrilled to see what we can achieve together.



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