Define Engineers is a practice of structural and building envelope engineers founded in 2017. At the core of the firm are the virtues of ingenuity and precision which filter through the work we do. The company is formed as a collective idea to enjoy the challenges of inventive design engineering. Vlad and Andy, the founders, have more than 20 years of combined experience in the fields of complex structural and facade engineering. They have lead and managed some of the world’s most innovative award-winning projects. At Define Engineers we believe quality engineering can deliver exceptional value to our clients and to society.

We offer structural engineering services at any stage of the project development. We engage for commissions on newly built, existing buildings and arts projects. Our in-house experience in working with variety of structural materials combined with our highly analytical approach allows us to detail and engineer any sophisticated structure with confidence, whether that is within or outside the bounds of codes of practice.
Our team has an in-depth expertise in facade engineering and extensive experience in performance based design from concept to completion. As part of the facade service, we offer comprehensive material selection studies which draw on our experience with traditional and advanced façade materials. We complement our technical knowledge with market specific advice on regulations, contractors and available technologies.
We supplement our core skills with our knowledge in computational design to tackle some of the more complex design challenges. We have extensive experience in geometry manipulation and as well as in building tools for engineering design. Through the use of parametric tools and custom software script writing, we have the ability to create project specific computational solutions for a number of different drivers.